No potholes hence less chances of road accidents.

Plastic road lasts longer than our government.

The First Plastic Road of Nepal

Interesting Facts
100% Greener

Disposal of waste plastic will no longer be a problem.

Almost 3 times durable

Stronger road with increased Marshall Stability Value.

2.5 X Load Bearing Capacity

Use of plastics increases the load-bearing capacity of the road.

10% Cheaper

Use of plastics can reduce the cost by 10 % of that of traditional paving.


  • 1


    Waste plastics are collected from around the city.

  • 2


    Collected plastics will be cleaned before processing.

  • 3


    Cleaned plastics now gets processed in our machines

  • 4

    Ready for Laying

    Processed plastics and other ingredients are ready for laying.


Improve spot use of the waste plastic.

We turn waste plastics into pothole-free roads with revolutionary technological approach.
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You have an option for greener construction practices

Gentle on the earth and gentle on your wallet.Eco friendly! No burning while making of these bricks.
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Sustainable learning from school level

The Green Curriculum shall give them a platform and an exposure on how small actions multiply to show greater impacts
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Sustainability and resource recovery methods

The waste auditing and segregation program which shall focus on optimizing planetary sustainability and resource recovery shall follow along with Green Curriculum.May it be cleaning campaigns from schools, CSR activities from banks or research activities from students.
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Interested! Want to know who's behind this?

Green Road Waste Mgmt founded with an aim to aid environment-friendly sustainable road development.


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