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Series of incidents that each of the founders experienced led to formation of Green Road Waste Management. One of us had a small accident due to a big pot hole on the road towards his home, while the other was suffering from waste water entering his home due to blockage in the drain caused by plastic wastes. While sharing each other's problem in a friendly get together another friend told that he saw a news in The Himalayan Times about plastic road made in Bhutan and that's how we started exploring this new technology and today we are here with a 100 m trial road.

Build stronger roads a lot quicker with plastics

Plastics are a long chain of polymers that can be molded into desired shape with the application of heat. In addition, they have an excellent binding property. This allows them to be used in making roads, blocks, and tiles. In roads, plastics can replace bitumen by acting as a binder between aggregates. These roads last longer and are significantly less prone to cracks and potholes unlike conventional asphalt roads.

Do you know?
220,000 Kgs plastics are used in Nepal per day.

Why Plastic Road ?

So far one of the best alternatives to solve two major problems of every government i.e. bad quality roads and waste plastics all over the roads. With plastic roads we can manage the waste plastics and build more durable roads at the same time.
Environment Friendly

No harmful gas emission, plastic is just heated to its softening point.


Green roads are almost 2-3 times more durable than conventional roads.

Less Potholes

Very less chances of potholes in Green Roads.

Water Seepage

Green roads are water resistive.

Cost Effective

Potential to save uptp Rs 2 lacs/km in the long run

Higher Binding

Plastic-Bitumen-Aggregate binding is very strong, hence less stripping.

Meet our talented team

Get to know the people behind Green Road Waste Management. Our creative and technical team.

Bimal Basel


Dynamic, experienced and a philanthropic businessman of Pokhara. Director and Chairman of B&B Housing and Lakeview Apartment.

Bimal Bastola


Mechanical Engineer and an enthusiastic entrepreneur of Pokhara.
Co-Founded Ek Call Home Solutions and former Sr. Executive at FIAT Automobiles.

Sanjeev Bastola

Co- Founder

A very successful entrepreneur of Pokhara with a great vision. Co-founder of Rolling Stones Rock Bar and Chairman of Lemon Farm House.

Rajiv Subedi

Chief Technical Officer

Civil engineer with a broad experience in the road construction sector of Nepal with his own construction company.

Self help groups can collect plastics and earn, country will be clean along with that we will have stronger roads at lower cost. Lets think in this direction.

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

If everyone of us segregate waste as dry and wet, then it could solve half of the waste management problems.

Amir Khan


Air pollution due to waste burning is one of the major problems in Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal, particularly as we move towards winter. Lets not burn wastes anymore.

Bhusan Tuladhar


Plastic waste management is one of the biggest challenges for us. We are very much positive towards Plastic Road Concept and will try it in various lengths inside valley.

Man Bahadur GC

Mayor of Pokhara

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