Frequently asked questions

We have worked diligently to try and include the majority of our frequently asked questions regarding our services in one convenient location.

Build better roads a lot quicker using Plastic Waste

1. Don't our vehicle skid on plastic roads?

Since, the roads are not totally made of plastics the roads are well within the limit of skid resistance. Tests performed on field done by researchers have shown this result. Practically also when we tried, we didn’t see any difference.

2. While heating plastics, don't they emit gases?

In our process, we heat the aggregate upto certain temperature and then just spread plastics over it.  We don’t actually burn plastics, they will be taken to the softening point only thus no extra harmful gases emit. Plastic will start to emit harmful gases if the operating temperature goes higher than 180 deg celcius.

3. Is this process cheaper than traditional road?

Yes, if the length of road is longer and raw materials available easily then the cost will be around 5-10% cheaper than traditional roads. In actual it depends on many factors.