Green Bricks are popular these days because of their multiple benefits. First of all lets know about the Green Bricks. Those bricks that are manufactured causing  minimal harm to the nature Earth can be simply called as Green Bricks. Traditional brick making process involves extensive use of fire or the use of electricity along with air and noise pollution. But, the so called Green Bricks are not Green physically but the manufacturing process of these bricks are very much greener. They dont use fire or electricity but instead use a different technique of mechanical compression. Using locally available raw material like soil, stone dust etc we can compress them and make bricks. Such bricks made with simple compression technique is known as Green Bricks.

In Pokhara, Green Road Waste Management company has introduced these sort of bricks with the aim to manage the waste plastics as well. They are doing experiments of how these Green Bricks can accomodate non recyclable plastics within them. If the experiment becomes successful then it will have multiple benefits for the overall nation.

Red bricks on one hand release lots of carbons to the environment and on the other hand requires plaster work during construction, but Green Bricks are produced without emitting any carbons to the environment and these bricks dont even require to be plastered. Hence, the construction time as well as cost gets minimized. These bricks have been introduced in Nepal only after the deadly earthquake that happened in Nepal. Various companies like Build Up Nepal, Eco Cell etc have worked hard to bring these bricks to the Nepali market. To add some more value, Green Road Waste Management has been doing their research on these bricks.

One thing is clear that, constructing a house with Green Bricks will be far more logical than using traditional bricks. Please do think and research well before you start your construction work. It is up to our generation to bring such new and green products to our life and contribute from our side.

The detailed comparison between red bricks, traditional hollow bricks and Green Bricks can be seen in the design attached.

You have an option for greener construction practices: gentle on the earth and gentle on your wallet.

Green Interlocking Bricks, also called Earth Bricks, is a strong, durable and earthquake resistant building material suitable for construction of houses, buildings, schools, hospitals and eventually cities in Nepal. It is a proven earthquake resistant technology which has been used for decades in earthquake affected areas across India, Pakistan, Iran, Europe and many other countries. It enables to build high quality and earthquake resistant structures at low cost. Also, on why it is called “Green Brick”, there are no kiln involved which would mix up toxic gases and fumes into the atmosphere but they are made into blocks by applying high pressure to soil. The Green Interlocking Bricks consists of Stone dust, Sand, Cement and Soil stabilizer. The mixture is compressed in a machine which results in a compacted brick with high density. The bricks are then stacked and cured for 21 days – the cement sets and bonds with the sand stabilizing the brick during the curing period.

Greens bricks characteristics:

  • It’s compressive strength is around 10-12 Mpa; thrice the strength of AAC blocks and twice the strength of red bricks.
  • The weight of these Green bricks come to be around 7 Kg per individual Brick
  • The dimensions of these bricks are 30Cm x 15 cm x 10cm
  • These bricks, being environmentally friendly and cost efficient, are also volume efficient. Ie. Volume of 1 Green brick = volume of 3 red burnt bricks

Why use Green Bricks:

Environmentally friendly (we can’t emphasize this more), strong, reliable & considerably cost efficient, there is no reason you would not want to use green bricks for construction purposes. The major highlights on why you should opt for these bricks are:

These bricks are earthquake resistant: The bricks are reinforced by iron rebar inside the wall, both horizontally and vertically, making it highly earthquake resistant

The construction is going to be cost effective: Cheaper than red burnt bricks and AAC blocks.

They are strong and durable compared to conventional bricks: It has high crushing strength (10-12Mpa) (3 times stronger than AAC and red bricks)

No plastering is required: These bricks look aesthetically beautiful and the structure shall look like it has stone cut piece from the outside.

They are eco-friendly: 50% less CO2 emissions compared to fire burnt bricks! Leaving less carbon footprint is the greatest way to give back to the environment.

These are government approved: Department of Urban development and physical infrastructure has approved these bricks by claiming that they are fit for being used in construction purposes.

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