The best way to change the mindset of humanity is to challenge it. Challenging our own values is a human nature and instinctually comes to us even at a tender age of ten. Since the kids who are around the pre-teen age have the perfect balance of inquisitiveness, understanding of how their actions can make an everlasting impact and a will to implement things they have learnt by questioning their value systems, they are our target population to teach about how the future of the planet lies in their tiny hands. The Green Curriculum shall give them a platform and an exposure on how small actions multiply to show greater impacts. The first phase curriculum shall be in the form of worksheets, documentaries, survey forms, charts and references that the kid would understand and visualize easily. The aim of Green Curriculum is to create behavioral impact rather than knowledge based impact. When taught in schools, we can also ensure the inclusivity among children who come from different kinds of economic backgrounds and societies. The areas that Green Curriculum looks forward to make impacts are:

  • What is good waste management? Does throwing your rubbish into the bin and cleaning the space around you solve the problem for the whole planet? What happens to the waste that does not get properly disposed?
  • What are degradable and non-degradable wastes? What benefits can we get if we treat them separately? What are the major problems in waste management and how can we help?
  • Can you earn money from wastes that you were ready to throw away if you utilize them correctly? If so, how could you possibly do it?
  • Leadership and communication qualities of students shall be sharpened and the kids who want to make an impact shall be an influencer in their school circle by organizing programs and opening Green Clubs and Young Environment Reporters. These shall be our programs outside the classroom.

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What shall be Green Clubs and Young Environment Reporters Forums?

The Green Clubs are going to be a group of enthusiast students and teachers who influence, engage their peers, parents and communities to promote good Waste Management and green environment practices. We shall support on making this a platform to empower students to participate in meaningful environmental activities, get extra trainings on waste disposal methods such as composting, recycling, circular economy, waste audits if they are interested.

The Young Environment Reporters Forum is going to be a platform to articulate environmental, climatic, energy and waste issues they feel strongly about through the media of drawings, writing, blogs, photography, videography and other forms of art. This program or platform targets to engage young people to tell stories about their communities, find out problems and motivate them to brainstorm for feasible solutions.

These clubs shall provide an opportunity among children for their leadership qualities and provide them with a platform such that they could represent their school and community in environment related events that happen nationally and internationally.

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