The Road to Happiness

Besides breathing there is one more thing in common among all the creatures in the world and that is we all are chasing for Happiness. Nobody likes pain and whoever likes it finds Happiness in that pain. It is the nature which is keeping us alive but in the journey of life we humans have tried so many innovative things that we forgot about our mother earth.

We all want to be happy and for that we think if our work load becomes less then we might be happy or if we could save some more money then we could use it for entertainment so that it can make us happy. Whatever may be the reason but the ultimate thing is happiness. Everyone has different source for their happiness and I too have my own. Scientific research have been saying that we  feel happy when we share what we have to others, or when we give back to our society or to our nature. Thats why famous and world’s richest person like Bill Gates are now actively participating in giving back to the society through their foundations.

Is there anything that we can give to others? Can we at least give back something to our Mother Nature? In my journey one thing that has been bugging my head is the plastics. Plastics are made for our comfort and it is infact a very innovative product but what we missed out is while using it we have been forgetting our environment. We are dumping them, throwing them haphazardly and burning them releasing huge amount of CO2. Can we think of various alternatives to plastic or atleast be innovative in managing or reusing these wastes. Finding the right solution for it might be my road towards happiness. What is yours?


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