Waste auditing and segregation program

The waste auditing and segregation program which shall focus on optimizing planetary sustainability and resource recovery shall follow along with Green Curriculum. This shall emphasize on segregation of dry and wet wastes to start from, how it shall help in challenging the whole waste management system. The baby steps can be teaching students to use different dustbins for different kinds of wastes. When this idea will be successful, we can employ a volunteer to optimally provide end-value to the wastes that have been collected by using the method of waste auditing. This program is aimed to be run in a social enterprise model which means it is going to be self-sustaining and impactful at the same time. We plan to take this venture like an entrepreneurship venture by building a platform for providing value to your otherwise thrown away wastes and create a suitable market to treat the wastes you produce as a resource. First, we plan on providing an initial training and framework for waste audit (eg. Paperwork on management of wastes) and then take waste audit to a competitive, reward point model by presenting this venture among organizations as an opportunity of green branding, an identity associated with responsibility in waste management and circular economy.

The impacts we want to create with this venture are:

  • Awareness on waste segregation at source and how it shall solve half of world’s waste issues.
  • Create value based end products eg. Clean batch of recyclable plastics.
  • Motivation in resource recovery.
  • Good Waste management practices reaching out inclusively to households with diverse economic statuses.
  • Awareness on how to treat your waste like a resource.
  • Motivation to ensure planetary sustainability for future generations

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